I'am Erdem
CS Master's Student



Erdem Murat

I am a Computer Science Master's student at George Mason University with a research focus on Virtual Reality. I am scheduled to graduate May 2023 and hope to pursue a job in VR development/research post-graduation. I am seeking roles that support international students like myself.


George Mason University

Computer Science B.S 2018 - 2021

Computer Science M.S 2021 - May 2023 (Expected)

 • Member of the Design Computing and eXtended Reality (DCXR) research group.
 • Leading member and Secretary of the Computer Science Graduate Students Association (CSGSA).

Academic Research

Understanding User Experience of Online Education in Metaverse: A Systems Perspective

 • Used open-source Mozilla Hubs to build a server-client system and implemented custom scripts via JavaScript to record platform performance through a POST API.

 • Used Python and Jupyter Notebook to compute, visualize and analyze systems data.

 • Gave a virtual-reality lecture to 23 Graduate students and later assisted a well-established researcher in using my platform for a speech to 35 students.

 • Completed study with a total of 4 lectures in which qualitative user data & quantitative systems data have been recorded to document a detailed systems understanding of VR education and user experience through an academic paper.

Machine Learning Automation for Virtual Reality - Master’s Thesis

 • Developed a system to address a limitation in VR development research and proposed a solution that improves user experience through both qualitative and quantitative user data collected.

 • Used procedural game difficulty design to generate various game levels to better understand and test the relationship between game parameters and user experience

 • Obtained IRB certificate for social and behavioral research and collected data from over 50 users playing my VR game.


Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? - Virtual Reality Game

 • Researched and user-tested numerous PC, mobile, and VR games to design and build a virtual reality game that is addictive and fun to play.

 • Implemented 3D noise, environmental triggers, motion sensing, and improved head-tracking to create a well-rounded, detailed, and positively functional game experience.

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Test the Heights - Virtual Reality Game

 • Created a fun and thrilling VR game with a procedural-level design.

 • Utilized VR game development techniques like spatial audio and interactive systems to craft an immersive experience.

 • Performed user-testing to get feedback from over a dozen users in various stages of the game to continuously make improvements.

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Global Co Lab Network

Virtual Reality Director July 2022 - Present

 • Responsible for developing and maintaining virtual reality Hubs for the Global Co Lab to host conferences and present field work addressing a variety of social issues in a virtual setting.

 • Instructor and mentor for three teams participating in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Metaverse Competition where contestants develop their own VR environments to present their field work and address to an SDG.

Cyber Bytes Foundation

Building in VR Camp Instructor June 2022 - July 2022

 • Created a 5-day schedule with 7 hours of teaching material each day to teach virtual reality development to a classroom of 20 students.

 • Worked with a team of teaching-assistants to effectively teach my class and keep a high-focus on the material.

 • Integrated advice from the Mozilla Hubs team to further improve quality of teaching materials on Mozilla Hubs.

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